jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

The kinsey report, Smoke and steel

The Kinsey Report, banda formada por tres Hermanos, Hijos del musico Lester 'Big Daddy' Kinsey. Para amantes del blues-rock, segun ellos, segun yo mismo, que lo oigas y disfrutes de su musica, aunque no ames el blues-rock.

1 ) Time Is Running Out (4:30)
2) Dead In Your Tracks (4:33)
3) This Old City (4:15)
4) Can't See The Hook (3:22)
5) Loved Ones (6:09)
6) Must Be Love (4:01)
7) When The Church Burned Down (5:32)
8) Rattlesnake Highway (4:06)
9) Down In The Dungeon (4:47)
10) Fire Down Below (4:46)
11) Code Of The Streets (7:08)
12) One Step Back (4:12)

Smoke and Eteel, sin contraseña

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  1. Please, give the Pass, it is impossible to unzip the file.

  2. Sorry I've lost the pass, but you can get the new file without pass.


  3. Thank you very much friend! Cheers, if you drink!


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